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The Power of Goal Setting

January - Goal Setting
6 Rules For Your Best Year Ever!

It's time to welcome in the new year with the power of Goal Setting for the year ahead. Let's make each year amazing. Knowing your vision and breaking that down into your goals is vital for your success. 95% of people never set goals. Become part of the 5% and create an incredible year of success.

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In January most people are excited by the New Year and excited to plan goals and make New Year Resolutions. Change is good! The problem comes when you become conscious of one very unsettling fact: most people (80%) are going to flop on their New Year’s resolutions before the snow has even melted from the ground. In fact, most people don’t even make it to Valentine’s Day. There are many reasons why people fail. Setting goals too big and then becoming overwhelmed, no support from people around them, lack of enthusiasm or energy, it was too hard, life happened or they simply didn't know what to do.

The Mind Persuader Ebook will give you a helping start to get all your goals planned for the year. Hypnosis Audio to help power your success, A live Hypnosis Coaching Session to make sure your plans are achievable and a Facebook Group Support System to motivate and support you daily. 95% of people who plan their goals correctly achieve them.
Discover the 6 Golden Rules to have your best year ever and have full support every step of the way!

Goal Setting

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