The Power of Unshakable Confidence

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Hypnosis Circle Gold Membership

It doesn't matter how positive or strong willed you are, if your subconscious mind is not your friend you will continue to struggle to achieve your goals. We all know people who seem to be the most positive and confident but deep down inside they are determined to self sabotage themselves in everything they set out to achieve. The Mind Persuader Gold is a 12 month program designed to give you an unshakable mindset of confidence and self esteem empowering you to be the best version of you possible. Be more, do more, have more and give more. 12 monthly powerful coaching programs to confidence and a power within.

12 Steps to Unshakable Confidence

As a Master Hypnotist and Hypnotic Life Coach David Knight has helped thousands of people transform their lives. Leaving behind a past mindset of negative self limiting beliefs and creating a new focus on strength, confidence, self esteem, passion and purpose. Todays world of information can be so fast and overwhelming and yet at the same time you have the greatest opportunities of wealth and riches in abundance. David Knight will help you make the invisible, visible. Through the power of Hypnotic Personal Development you will unlock your subconscious powers and create a future of success that you deserve.

Hypnotic Life Coaching

Through the 12 months of personal coaching Hypnosis Mind Shift Programs will include creating personal goals, creating vision, mastering your emotions, discovering purpose, bullet proof motivation, the hidden magic of gratitude, mastering your day and unshakable confidence. The 12 programs are all based around building your self esteem to make you unshakable whatever life throws your way. Have the skills and the power to be at your best in every situation.

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The Hypnosis Circle Gold Program
12 Steps To Unshakable Confidence and Self Esteem

Order the Hypnosis Circle Gold and the Hypnosis Circle Silver is included

The Silver Coaching
The Mind Persuader Ebook
3 Hypnosis Audio Downloads
1st Saturday of The Month Coaching Session
1st Saturday of The Month Hypnosis Session
Silver Hypnosis Circle Support Group


The Gold Coaching

12 Steps to Unshakable Confidence Ebooks
12 Gold Hypnosis Circle Audios
2nd Saturday of The Month Coaching Session
2nd Saturday of The Month Hypnosis Session
Gold Hypnosis Circle Support Group
Gold Hypnosis Circle Online Mind Toolkit

Gold Coaching Price Normally £1,188
Currently with a 66% Discount

£396 One Off Payment or 2 Payments of £198

Gold 12 Month Payment - £396
A Full Years Membership

Gold 6 Month Payment - £198
6 Months of Membership

Contact David Knight direct below and arrange a free 30 minute private consultation to discuss availability and your suitability for the Hypnosis Circle Gold Membership Program.

Please contact our UK offices for more information
UK Telephone: 0870 321 2 123