Mind Persuader Silver Coaching

Do you struggle on a regular basis with a lack of confidence. This can simply mean unhappy in social situations through to more severe cases where you don't even want to leave the house? Stress, worry, anxiety, overwhelm or possibly even brain fog can be totally debilitating for millions of people. However the solution is simple, fast, easy. If you have self limiting beliefs or past emotions that you would like to more away from the Hypnosis Circle Silver Membership may be your solution.

The Mind Persuader Silver Coaching offers you the "Mind Persuader Ebook." Take a fascinating journey into the power of your mind. The Mind Persuader Ebook will help you unlock the magic hidden within your subconscious allowing you to understand who you are today and how your journey has created everything about you. It will help you understand the key to removing self limiting beliefs that lead to stress, worries and overwhelm.

Along with the "
Mind Persuader Ebook" you will download 3 Hypnosis Audio Programs that will help you relax, remove worries and delete any self limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis Relaxation
Letting Go of Worries
The Head Cleaner - Removing Anxieties

You simply play the hypnosis audio downloads as you relax and drift off to sleep on a night time.

The Hypnosis Circle Silver has its own "
Facebook Support Group" where you can reach out to David Knight and the other like minded people on the program. The "Facebook Support Group" offers ongoing support on a daily basis.

The Hypnosis Circle Silver is an annual program and so your support is ongoing. Each month you have the opportunity to meet with David Knight and the other group members live online. Through the power of "
Zoom Video Conferencing" you will have the opportunity for an hour of group coaching live. The live "Zoom Video Conferencing" concludes with a "Live Hypnosis Session" conducted by David Knight.

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The Hypnosis Circle Silver Program
12 Months of Coaching

The Silver Coaching
The Mind Persuader Ebook
3 Hypnosis Audio Downloads
2 Monthly Coaching Sessions
12 Monthly Hypnosis Sessions
Silver Hypnosis Circle Support Group
Silver Hypnosis Circle Online Mind Toolkit

Hypnosis Circle Silver Membership Normally £792
Currently with a 75% Discount

£198 One Off Payment or 2 Payments of £99

Silver Annual Membership - £198
12 Months of Membership

Silver 6 Month Membership - £99
6 Months of Membership

Contact David Knight direct below and arrange a free 30 minute private consultation to discuss availability and your suitability for the Silver Hypnosis Circle Coaching Program.

David Knight Master Hypnotist
David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

UK Mobile: +44 (0) 7721 000999
UK Office: +44 (0) 844 6655 333

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